Who Else Wants to Start Your Own Profitable Niche Information Publishing Business…And Have a “Robot” Fulfill ALL of Your Orders…24 Hours a Day…On Complete Autopilot?

You can start selling your own DVD/CD “information products”…And best of all, you don’t have to burn, package, print, or ship ANYTHING!

So you might be asking, “What exactly is an Information Product”?

An information product is, basically, a compilation of training, resources, and/or other materials on a particular (ideally niche) topic. They can be sold in the format of a book, eBook, DVD, CD, download, or include a combination of all of these formats.

Why so many people choose to sell information products vs other types of products:

  • Fast & Easy-to-create
  • Fulfillment can be 100% Automated
  • No inventory or holding costs
  • Quick and Easy to Re-Purpose into New Products
  • Little to no shipping costs
  • Almost no “returns” headaches
  • Products can be purchased inexpensively for resell and/or developed cheaply
  • Huge Profit Margins
  • Did I mention, Huge Profit Margins?
  • Now, what if you could offer your latest product in CD or DVD format and never burn, print, package or make a trip to the post office again?

    How many more profitable products could you develop if the actual FULFILLMENT was automatically 100% handled by a “robot”… without you having to touch a single DVD, disc burner, printer, or label?

    Do you think that you’d make more money in your business?

    Do you think you’d have more free time to do the things that you REALLY want to be doing?

    Do you think it would save you alot of FRUSTRATION and time-consuming BUSY WORK?

    Well, I have a solution to your problem…

    And the solution is…. KUNAKI!

    You see, Kunaki is an online service that can replicate your CDs/DVDs, print the labels, put the discs in the case, shrink-wrap each case, and then ship your discs directly to your customer… On autopilot!

    Signing up with Kunaki is FREE, and there is no monthly ongoing fees or usage charges… You only pay for EXACTLY what it is you order..

    You now have a simple, quick, easy, and extremely AFFORDABLE way to sell any legal products you have the rights to, including:

  • Software Programs
  • Scripts & Utilities
  • Video Courses
  • Webinars
  • Music Creations
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Audio Books
  • Tele-Seminars
  • Graphics Creations
  • Photo Albums
  • Master Resell or Resell Rights Downloads
  • Anything Too Large To Download
  • If you own it or have rights to resell it, you can ship it with Kunaki.

    Additional Benefits to You:

  • Stop Losing Sales! Sell your digital products on CD or DVD on Autopilot!
  • No more inventory worries.. No more holding costs for products that don’t end up selling… No longer is it a large time or money investment to develop a quick product for “market testing”.
  • If you are really wanting to automate your business and spend more time doing the things that are important (whatever that is in your life), you need the Kunaki MBA course! Not only are you automating your business, you will be opening up a new income stream. Studies have shown that by offering physical product as an alternate delivery method increases sales.
  • Speaking of new income streams, what about dial-up customers? I am not going to go into statistics here, but there a many people still using dial-up. They either cannot get high speed internet, can’t afford or just do not want it. With the Kunaki MBA training and the Kunaki service you can offer these people a easy way to order your products. Stop leaving money on the table, and grab it by learning how to market your own information products in the Kunaki MBA home study course…
  • Kunaki removes ALL of those problems, and allows you to concentrate 100% on marketing your products and developing NEW products..

    When using Kunaki you can automate the entire production of CD’s and DVD’s. The days of burning CD/DVD’s, printing the jackets and disc, packaging it and going to the post office is over! Not only that, this automated system will most likely lower your cost…

    You will be able to get your digital products burned to CD/DVD’s and packaged in full color cases for ~$1.75 each, (at the time of this writing), and this low price includes the disc and CD Jewel case or DVD case with full color cover, back, spine and liner, packaged and shipped directly to your customer’s front door.

    You or your customer can choose the type of shipping service they would like, and your CD/DVDs will be drop shipped right to your customers door step for as little as $5.00 each (including all production costs).

    In addition, shipping is now available to many countries around the world, with standard shipping, two day and next day available in many locations.

    Now you might be saying to yourself “OK, Mark.. That sounds great, but whats the catch?”

    I knew you’d ask that…:)

    Here are the major shortcomings with using Kunaki:

  • The new product setup process can be extremely confusing…
  • The software interface can be difficult to understand for new customers…
  • Its impossible to actually talk with a “real human” on the phone about any issues you’re having…
  • Their “stock” disc/case designs aren’t very professional or attractive…
  • There are very, very few training resources available (paid or free) on how to use their system…
  • They don’t allow you to include flyers, sales letters, notes, etc in the shipment to the customers. Only the actual CDs or DVDs.
  • It can be very time-consuming to add one order at a time in their system.
  • Did I mention, they give very little to no support?
  • You see, when I got started selling my information products as physical DVDs and CDs, using the Kunaki system, I spent tens of hours looking around on the internet for resources on how to use the Kunaki system…in the most efficient way possible…

    And I found NOTHING! Not one book, eBook, video training course, nothing on the Kunaki website, just nothing..

    Thats when I said to myself that, “If I’m having this issue, I know that others have to be having the same problems..”

    So I developed the Kunaki MBA course to do just that.. To clearly answer all the questions that I had, and to show others the EXACT, step-by-step process to creating your own information products, adding them to Kunaki, and actually ordering them to send out to your customers.

    You’ll LITERALLY watch “over-my-shoulder” as a hold your hand and walk you through every single step in the process.. from beginning to end… and absolutely NOTHING is held back or left out…

    Here’s what you get in the Kunaki MBA home study course:

    Module 1: Overview of the Kunaki System

    In this training module, I’ll show you everything that you need to know about how the Kunaki system works, how to get started, and how to “launch” your own information products, using their fulfillment service.

    REAL VALUE: $37.00

    Module 2: How to Create your DVD/CD

    In this training module, you’ll learn how to create your own audio, video, and/or data products from your own computer…in less than 30 minutes! I’ll even show you the exact software(s), resources, and recommended tools that I use to create my own profitable information products…

    REAL VALUE: $37.00

    Module 3: How to Create your Graphics

    In this training module, you’ll learn how to create the actual graphic files (for your case, disc cover, and case insert) that you’ll need to launch your product on Kunaki. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, and I can’t overemphasize the tremendous value in this one module alone. The stock Kunaki design templates are, in my opinion, completely unusable for a professional/business owner, and in this tutorial, you get my highest-converting graphic template files and I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to take those and modify them for your own products.

    Again, I want to make sure that you have absolutely EVERYTHING you need to launch your product on Kunaki, and these 3 pre-formatted, pre-designed graphic design templates are easily worth 3x the entire cost of this course.. They’re yours for FREE to use on UNLIMITED products…

    REAL VALUE: $141.00

    Module 4: How to “Launch” your Products

    In this training module, you’ll watch two “over-my-shoulder” LIVE DEMOS as I walk you through the COMPLETE process of actually adding your product to Kunaki, uploading it, adding your graphics (in exactly the right format), and actually ordering your product for shipment out to your customer.

    We’ll go through each and every option, checkbox, button, and screen in the Kunaki software and I’ll show you the EXACT steps that you need to ensure you get a great-looking final product, every single time..

    REAL VALUE: $37.00

    Module 5: “Secret” Automation Tools & Resources

    In this training module, you’ll get access to my “secret” roledex of Kunaki automation tools and resources. Once you learn about these powerful tools that can automate your kunaki ordering process, automatically integrate with your shopping cart, and save you hours of time and frustration, you’ll never look at product creation the same way again.

    REAL VALUE: $37.00

    FAST MOVER BONUS #1: Alternative Information Product Fulfillment Houses

    If you order today, you’ll ALSO receive this BONUS “Fast Mover” training module, where I’ll show you how to take your information product fulfillment several steps further than what Kunaki alone can offer.

    I’ll share my top alternative vendors (including all contact information) that can put together much more customized product packages (printed books, dvds, cds, special flyers, special packaging, etc) that can help you to skyrocket your profits and really take your business to that next level.

    REAL VALUE: $37.00

    FAST MOVER BONUS #2: Information Product Creation “Quickstart”

    If you order today, you’ll ALSO receive this second BONUS “Fast Mover” training module, where I’ll give you the information products “fast start guide”, where I go through some of the most popular types of information products that you can create today, and give you some of my “little-known” but highly-effective marketing strategies so that you can immediately go and sell your products to those groups of people who are most likely to buy your products.

    REAL VALUE: $37.00

    FAST MOVER BONUS #3: Kunaki Templates – Graphic Design Pack

    Again, I’ve already touched on this, but I want to re-emphasize how important these kunaki templates are. I give you access to my custom Kunaki templates. When you begin using Kunaki, the first thing that you’ll notice is that their stock design “graphics” leave MUCH to be desired. That’s why you ALWAYS need to design your own custom graphics. But until now, you would have needed to go out an hire a professional graphic designer and paid $100 or more, just for ONE design pack.

    I give you an easy-to-modify template for the CD/DVD box, the CD/DVD label, and the insert that goes inside the front cover. These are all in high-resolution, layered PSD format so you can quickly and easily change all the graphics and text to match your needs. This one item is worth many times what you’d pay for this entire course!

    REAL VALUE: $97.00

    Total Value of all items included in this package: $423.00

    It just doesn’t get any easier than this! Start your Information Publishing business today with the Kunaki MBA!

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Kunaki MBA “Members Only” Online Training Portal
  • UNLIMITED USAGE RIGHTS of the entire suite of Kunaki graphic design templates
  • PRIVATE ACCESS to my “million dollar roledex” of recommended software, applications, tools, and more…
  • and much, much more…

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